Mobile FirefoxMozilla’s Chief Executive John Lilly has revealed in an interview that much awaited mobile version of Firefox is set to launch within a time of coming few weeks though it will be launched in alpha release mode.

The mobile version of Firefox will be full-featured mobile browser including support for add-ons that similar to what we already using as web version of it. Moreover it will also allow developers to develop, debug and deploy web applications for its mobile version along.

This open-source browser engine, optimized for mobile, can also be embedded by mobile manufacturers giving a tough competition to Opera mini, a mobile browser engine by Opera. Noticeably, Mozilla was working on mobile version of Firefox since one year.

Mozilla has already released mobile browser ‘Fennec‘ for Linux-based devices (Nokia N800 and N810) and Windows Mobile 6 based HTCS730 but it has been shipped in few places only, by Nokia with name of MicroB browser.


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