SnappyFingersSnappyFingers, a web startup from Bangalore is a Question and Answer search engine. It crawls and indexes FAQs spread across the Internet, and provides search results in a easy to view Question/Answer format. While most visitors use the site for finding answers, few have also found it to be valuable in conducting research.

The site is in beta, and has a database of 3 million questions, UI is pretty good and stand firm when it comes to usability, user friendliness and search results are just relevant and seems at this initial stage if more work is done on same it could perform well in vertical search category of question/ answers.

Although people are used to look for answers on popular domains such as, Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers which every web startup have to compete with, that have similar website model and concept. A web startup has to think about what it has to offer more and not less than what others are already offering on web. Noticeably, in this regard few good example are w.r.t Digg, Friendfeed w.r.t Twitter or what edge does Quantcast/ have over Alexa.

The company behind vertical search engine is planning to increase the number of questions aggressively in its next phase of search results improvisation.

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