ZahdooZahdoo has launched as first of an interesting concept website among social networking and cognitive websites that deals with people’s daily activities on internet. The portal has been launched by Hyderabad & Atlanta based IT company at Web 2.0 Expo in NewYork.

With context awareness, semantic linking and a range of planning and networking features, Zahdoo delivers an engaging and productive social experience to online users.

The portal is an efforts towards everything at one place portal that would bind all the online activities such as social networking conversations, information search, content tagging, online planner, personal website, reminder & alert services, sharing pictures, audio/ video with your friends and semantic search along with auto content suggestions via semantic analysis.

Zahdoo enhances social awareness and cognitive abilities by linking and processing users information, activities and relationships with social circles and external context and gain access to the most relevant information and intuitively understand and process the information in users’ own context.

The portal is in private beta for few months is probably to enhance the portal and could even inculcate more features when go public, moreover the site is more like flash driven site rather than user and search engine friendly XHTML. I would love to see such kind of concept based website in down to earth format when it comes to any website’s front-end part.

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  1. good for scheduling daily activities

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