sunoh has launched as a Social Networking and Music Discovery Platform for Indian Music fans. The portal provides a social networking environment where users can connect with their friends.

At users can view music library of their friends, enabling the users to discover new and relevant music in their social graph. Users can also join Fan club of artists they love, post messages on artist’s scrapbook, and favorite the music they like, thus enabling the users to reach out to their artists in a manner never possible before. also provides, a plug-in for Windows Media Player enabling users to stream music listening history and share it with their friends. With the aggregated music listening tastes of its users, not only delivers comprehensive and accurate information of top music in India but also promotes discovery of new and independent music by employing proprietary algorithms.

Moreover, for independent music artists in India provides them a digital distribution platform. Artists can signup, claim, and customize their profile at, enabling them to reach out to their fans in a very interactive manner. provides comprehensive set of free digital tools to artists including photo, video, and music uploads, using which they can instantly make their content available to their fans at

Here again, this online startup desn’t seems to be good at UI (user interface), in short- very dull Home Page which in turn would fail to lure visitors/ users. Though the concept is good enough and unique among social network portals in India.

Startups from India must learn from web startups from Israel that focus more on 3 U’s (Usability, UI and Uniqueness) rather than overdose of Marketing. Even if concept is repeated, the UI should be user friendly so much so that could get more users than the original one.

sunoh home

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  1. I wonder how they manage copyright violation. There is another music related social networking site, At least the UI appears better than

  2. Attempts should be made to cover music events like Madhukali’s conference on “Instruments in Indian music: New Dimension” on 17,18 Jan 2009 at Bhopal. Music is more than entertainment; understanding fundamentals, problems and prospects shall certainly raise our aesthetic standards. Social networking sites should also feel their ‘social responsibility’ as they have the ability to connect large number of people.


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