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Navigaya: Portal 2.0 with Built-in Browser



Navigaya is a new model of portal cum search engine cum “browser based browser” flash technology based portal website/ online media center, where users can search multiple search engines faster and easier than ever before, get headline and video updates from any RSS syndicated website, create YouTube powered streaming video playlists for uninterrupted background playback, manage their favorite site links via a simple yet beautiful scrolling interface, save all customized portal settings and playlists online for use anywhere without any hassles and finally share everything with friends and strangers.

Well, combines all elements of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Wikipedia etc.) along with web surfing experience such as video, audio and text with categories/ sections divided to navigate through in fun way. Apparently, it claims that it can ‘find everything sharper, deeper and faster’.

Moreover, one big benefit of Navigaya is that its actually uses as a social network – you will find this option on the “login” icon where you can send your navigaya (the navigaya that you modified – including your favorite sites, playlists and all of your profile settings to your friends. Users can view and listen to their play list while simultaneously searching the web. The search field is displayed right over the video (which is displayed in the background, taking up the whole browser screen.)


One can see all the Videos on how to go about this next gen portal 2.0 at Youtube Channel –

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  1. If this service is of indian origin,then i must say that it won’t disappoint any guy from the US or anywhere else.
    The UI looks cool and few innovations are really good.
    A cluster of improvements & right marketing in the social media can definitely make this product a hit all over the world.
    the founders must re-think over the domain name.(it’s a bit complex and lacks international appeal)They can get much suited options in domain name for such a service.


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