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Mapunity an Indian based GIS/ MIS and Mobile based technology company has brought a ‘real time’ traffic details in form of Maps (optimal directions, routes, location tracking of buses and trains) and this live traffic information service is for four cities – Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Thanks XploreDotNet.

Mapunity has led the development of Urban Transport Information Systems for the above cities via different inputs namely teledensity data from Airtel’s mobile telecom tower network, video images from police cameras, location-tracking of buses and taxis to create real-time knowledge of traffic conditions in cities. These are then made widely available through Airtel’s mobile telecom network to city residents, accessible on web and mobile both.

As per Mapunity the development would be stretching further, as website describe:

Mapunity is also building a free mobile-based navigation system that will help people access data from its traffic information systems on their phones. A few other related applications have also been developed. These include a carpool partner-matching program for regular commutes and a vehicle tracking application for taxi and bus operators. Mapunity is also building administration platforms for transport management authorities in different functions.

Moreover, the service also have traits of networking for people such as – car pool and sending group SMS to people who belong to a particular car pool group ( along with browsing the same through tags and finding it via their mobile through short codes.

One could also get the directions and optimal road traffic routes on Google Maps, and SadakMap as well.

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  1. Sounds futuristic. Good luck.

  2. Brilliant idea! wonder what their revenue model is

  3. Great work..

  4. It locates your mobile with GPS and without GPS. Its Amazing !
    Mobile tracking is through SMS. One can track mobile With simply Sending ??? through SMS
    Its tracks mobile for Employee, Family members, Drivers, Vehicles etc.
    It works with GPRS and provides you google map links also.

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