SocialMedianSocialmedian is a social news network that connects people with personalized news and information, by enabling users who share topical interests to collaboratively filter news for each other. Users can feed in news from any number of sources i.e. websites, blogs, bookmarklets, email or directly on the site. Also the social news network is based in Pune, India other than two of its offices in New York.

Interestingly one can also submit news to SocialMedian through Twitter which is I haven’t seen on any such website or news portal which have user generated content and let user submit stories/ article or URL through Twitter.

People in SocialMedian can create or join networks and users with common interests can track stories aggregated from multiple sources, and submit, share and comment on stories of interest with each other.

Although the concept of social news network is not new as its already been done at Digg to some extent and is also one such example to greater resemblance, nevertheless its simpler (and faster) user interface and pages can give some edge to user though what really matter in such type of model is larger number of user base.

SocialMedian followed by alpha verion period is set to launch in Beta tomorrow i.e. 30th July’08, the news network is founded by Jason Goldberg, the one who is also behind

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  1. hmm, have asked for an invite.. check this one out too –, am still trying it out, so I’m not quite sure how it stacks up..

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