IndiaHangoutA new entrant in social networking space of India, quite good in usability and features to lure audience, this is one social network I would in category – “Secondary Social networks” likewise to third World Countries in political scenario, the primaries would obviously be – Orkut, Facebook, BigAdda in Indian social networking arena.

The community portal provide plenty of features like other portal of similar category do, along with features such as radio, free SMS, chat rooms similar to that of Yahoo messenger, applications such as games, videos, polls and events. The portal is convincing enough and few tweaks can bring it in line with what Hikut and Friendster doing in India.

In my opinion advertisements is too early for, one should learn from Orkut, inspite of being a google’s offshoot, the social network in India started Adsense advertisements a year later before getting buzzword in crowd. The advertisements obviously distract users from being observed by users/ visitors sometime and could even annoy visitors.


BPOVoice is one social network exclusively for Indian BPO aka call center employees, the portal is just opened this month for public release. The founder of portal is from BPO background himself and tried to put the online community where people from BPO/ call center backgrounds can share their expertise and make friends, share photos and moments of their call center life.

But here again I would say there is enough room to get this specific community portal better in UI (user interface), usability and features that set this portal apart from other crowded space of social networks already.

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I\'m In TV, is also social network for specific users segment and this time its people working in TV industry. The portal is business networking site for the TV industry, professionals around the world, offering free membership to all users and company profiles for TV industry related companies and organizations.

The community portal is brought by ThinkingSpace Technologies from Pune, the same one who is umbrella company for ActiveCity – an event management website.


  1. People use what they feel is useful for them. Orkut is popular because the scrapbook feature! Quikr is for classifieds, Youtube for media sharing, Flikr for photo sharing!

    Lets get all these features at Create one login & enjoy all the features.

    It’s the best social networking site with a noble cause!

  2. Informative post, excellent read

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