RoamAbout is a plugin that delivers information on the web contextually. Users would not need to leave the site they are browsing in order to search for videos, music, pictures or share the things they come across with. This Firefox & IE plugin bring all these to the user by just highlighting the text any user want without leaving the web page they are viewing.

One can get related information by selecting text and clicking the RoamAbout Icon in status bar also users can post to their twitter account, the selected text of a web page and post it directly their, without even leaving the web page actually.

Similarly users can browse flickr photos, Google news, info from Wikipedia, maps from MapQuest and videos from YouTube and by just selecting the text in web page you are viewing and hitting the plugin’s icons bar. User can customize the the plugin bar so as to limit the no. of Icons for different Web services or websites such as stock quotes, weather or games.

Moreover, the company behind RoamAround Vysr do have the open platform that provides developers with any easy way to add and integrate services and networks that users can tap into as they travel the Web.

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  1. just signed up to be their developer.


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