Kindo in Hindi which basically deal with making your family tree and make network with rest of your family tree members has launched its Kindo Hindi version earlier this week and its believed to be first social network connecting families from India in ‘Hindi’.

The website let users build their own free family tree online, share it with the rest of family and learn more about who they are, their ancestors and family history. Kindo also has other features for families and genealogist that makes the networking site the meeting place for generations.

Although I wouldn’t call it a complete Hindi version reason being – as the whole websites do have Hindi texts all over but when users type in information, let say when register his/ her name the text that appear are in English anyway.

Nevertheless the website dealing in making family tree and interacting with members in social networking way has come up with Hindi as language to be used by Indian users in their interface. Kindo also have the website in 16 other languages to target different countries.

The website in true sense doesn’t convince to be a pure social networking portal, eventhough it has some traits of being community driven portal but not as much as other niche portals have in themselves say Orkut which has one of the largest Indian audience in world.

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  1. perhaps a hindi version of ibibo’s one family.. it’d be interesting to see if it clicks

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