SingleID - OpenID Identity Provider which is a first OpenID identity provider in India (OpenID India Directory), is launched to promote usage of OpenID in India. OpenID, which is a global service to eliminates the need for multiple user-names across different websites and simplifying online web experience.

OpenID which is supported by many websites including big names such as Microsoft, AT&T, Firefox, WordPress, Technorati, Digg and many more, is targeting more usage on worldwide scale in all kind of services, websites and online products that require user registration. In India SingleID would be the first to provide this service and offer user IDs as – http://< Username >

SingleID is initiative by company – DataTics, a Digital Identity and Authentication Service Provider, yet another startup from Pune, India. The company will also offer other authentication service in future such as – Virtual Cards, for more secure authentication, allowing the use of user specific domain name (e.g.

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