Finally, Google has launched its product for this category as well, where till now SecondLife has its major stake, google through its service now offering people to build their virtual life by creating ‘Avatars‘ as their very own clone, play with them and roam around in 3D virtual world, make friends and interact in real time with your friends’ avatars.

Be who you want on the web pages you visit, says Google official blog post, where user with google’s’s service can create their own virtual world just like what has done earlier. Through Lively users can create avatars, change its looks or wardrobe, be it your surroundings, environment such as furniture, nearby objects, rooms where your avatar put up and decorate your places etc.

Lively is a outcome of Arizona State University social networking project where Google wanted to create SecondLife’s rival. Eventhough in beta and asking for feedback, is ready for all actions to download and give it a try against SecondLife

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  1. Lively definitely appeals to a specific audience. I’m wondering how much further than can go with this type of online application. Unlike most of the Google products you must download a plug-in, which is currently only for Windows users. In anycase, it’ll be interesting to see where Google will go with this, in terms of integrating Lively with other services.


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