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SneakCast, an Indian Video Search service that we have reviewed last year as – SneakCast: India’s First Video Search Engine is down for past 6 months or so. Now the company behind it has overhauled the search portal along with new revamped logo and new concept has drawn to make it more versatile.

SneakCast, this time wants to be semantic video search engine in contrast to other generic search engines today. The company talk about bring about changes in video search globally in contrast to other search engines including google who just does textual based search along with tags, back-links relevance factors. On the other hand SneakCast bet on being most relevant search engine when it comes to video, so much so that company has apparently said:

SneakCast has semantics, syntactics and video analysis to increase the relevance level to as high as 63 per cent (the highest ever attained in the video search industry).

The company at present is based in UK working to finally launch the service and will relocate to Mumbai, India before getting close to final rounds of fundings.

The video search service also have plans to run video advertising with approx. 30 sec. of ad clips in their videos along with capability to segregate videos into groups which will help adevertisers to have targeted approach for their ad campaigns.

The startup is also on verge of getting patent of its Safe Search Technology which will be used to differentiate pornographic and illegitimate content.

Interestingly and appreciative as well, the company has condemn online pornography and talk about its global spread through present video search portals such as YouTube even when ‘family filter’ is applied and this is what where Safe Search Technology would bring improvements in blocking such content.

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It seems like this Indian startups has got some bigger plans before finally stepping in for online users and reason for overhaul along with it down time for such a long time. One has to look forward to this video search service and what all the technology, accurate video search relevance and safe search is all about, when it go live and running.



  1. ..and I thought SneakCast has been Shut Down

    good to see such overhauls in Indian startups, need more such rejuvenation among others too..look forward to SneakCast

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