Indexing Flash FilesGoogle and other search engines can now be able to crawl and index Flash content which is so far is indiscoverable for search engines crawlers, thanks to Adobe enhanced Flash Player Technology and Flash indexing algorithm because of which now search engines can crawl the Flash based sites, however crawling will be limited to textual content in Flash only and not the images that could be Flash media.

Search engines can now be able to crawl and index text that users can see as they interact with Flash based website or file (.SWF). The textual content in Flash files will than be used to generates snippets to display in search engines results.

Moreover, search engine cant index FLV files as well, such as the videos on YouTube, because these files contain no text elements. All in all, search engine with Adobe’s optimized Flash Technology can now find themselves feasible to crawl textual content in Flash based SWF files and others are still under R&D block of search engines and Adobe to fix Flash indexing algorithm further.

Webmasters and Web designers can find the general FAQs for further clarification Google Flash Indexing FAQs and Adobe Flash Searchability FAQs, although they do not have to do any extra work to get their Flash website indexed in google, as Google crawlers would index the flash textual content automatically, however they may look towards Google Webmaster tool if they want to go deep down to it.

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