Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced the rejuvenation work to be implemented till year 2009 and that would be taken as biggest expansion in last 40 years in Internet, since its inception.

ICANN has approved some recommendations that bring out the more of internet for people to express themselves. Below are some recommendation;

  1. New strings in domains TLDs (Top Level Domains) from presently .com, .org or .edu etc. to any user choice such as .YourCompanyName or .music for music industry or .brandName for any company brand or even your name like
  2. New scripts/ languages support for domains, URI to be written in and that would extended to world’s languages which will important for future of internet in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia. The Hint is that it can be written in these region’s languages respectively, from presently 37 Roman characters only.

Internet Addressing System

Presently users have 21 Top Level Domains (TLDs) to chose from, soon after this expansion the users can have self chosen TLDs to name their domains, unless these TLDs are not offensive based on public morality and order.

It is expected that ICANN will accept applications for new names in the second quarter of 2009. Importantly, ICANN will not be selling these Top Level Domains (TLDs), instead there will be a limited application period where any established entity from anywhere in the world can submit an application to go through an evaluation process and thereafter additional rounds after the close of the first application round.

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These are some new rules that Internet Regulators i.e. ICANN has planned to adopt to bring about changes in Internet addressing system, though it seems to me the web 2.0 wave inculcation in Internet addressing system as well, put it this way –

First, in past (still today) people have limited choice to name their domains from predefined list, from now onwards (after this ICANN implementation) users can now participate in naming their own TLDs, now this is DOMAIN 2.0.


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  1. When this be Implemented…and from where do I get to purchase such type of domain..any specific domain sellers?

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