What is Mobile Smart codes (QR Code)

Today, the most revolutionary device that we could say have changed our lives is – Mobile Phones, with more and more technical up gradations, innovations coming up, right from camera phones which has got too obvious for all to PDAs, iPhones or latest one iPhone 3G. Among all the camera phones have become nominal part of our daily life along with clothing accessories.

The latest Mobile buzz today we could play with and thats to with much ease is Mobile Codes and QR Codes (Quick Response Code) and both of these technologies require just one thing – a camera phone along with a reader. Let me put it this way – to read PDF files or .rtf files you need Acrobat Reader and MS Word respectively, in same way you need to have QR/ Mobile code reader to encode information in QR codes, which can be installed very easily (if I could do this, anyone can and yes, I am in India :)).

The mobile/ QR codes are 2 dimensional codes different from 1 dimensional Bar-codes that we could see on products we purchase from shops/ malls and billing counter person encode it with their Bar-code reader devices. Though Bar codes can be encoded with its special reader devices, Mobile/ QR codes can be encoded simply with a camera phones by anyone with much hundred times capacity, much faster and most importantly any type of data.

Scanning Mobile Codes

This is as easy as taking pictures with your camera phone, while few mobile devices come pre-installed with Mobile code reader such as Nokia N93, N93i, N95 or E90, other mobile users can install it from sources mentioned in this article. After installing mobile code reader, point your device to code image and get information encoded within few seconds, whether its a text, a business card, SMS or website URL.

One can install mobile code readers in their mobile devices directly from their mobile browsers or download it to your computer and then transfer to mobile devices and the sources/ URLs are:

I-nigma Reader
From Mobile website –
To download to computer and then transfer to mobile – Here

Kaywa Reader
From Mobile website –
To download to computer and then transfer to mobile – Here

Semacode Reader
From Mobile website –
To download to computer and then transfer to mobile – Here

Create Your Own Mobile Codes

iw2 qr codeAny one can create Mobile Smart codes easily with code creating tools available online such as I-nigma create code, Nokia Mobile Code Creator, Kaywa QR Code creator and be a part of this next buzzword of Mobile technologies.

One can create Mobile code for text message, SMS and for their websites/ blogs and save that image to show off one blog sidebar or on their visiting/business cards. This is very popular in Japan to show off QR codes whether is newspaper, websites, food product, electronic items and even T-shirts and coffee cups.

This requires no special skills to create, scan or share these Mobile codes and believe me once you get started you will love this thing. you dont need to utter single word to let one know your name, mobile no., interest, you can do that by wearing T-shirt with QR Code printed on it, encoded with all this info, people just have to point their mobile device to your t-shirt and all introduction is over.

The 2D QR Codes were created by Japanese corp – Denso-Wave to allow its content to be decoded at hight speed and presently much popular in Japan than any other part of the world.

In India, is first website in India to incorporate QR Code or Mobile Smart Code, which you could see in footer of any pages.


  1. That is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing this information. This was news to me and I call myself techsavy. :-)

  2. This is hillarious, i have installed the QR code reader and playing with it…

    Thanks for giving news of this excellent mobile tool…hope you’ll cover more such tools in future

  3. Awesome is the Word !!!…didn’t kow this exist for long time…I know only about bar-codes…and now I made for myself …just want let know your readers its decent on “Images” as can post my QR code in comments of your site..

  4. Thanx for this really good tool…how would I link a video to QR Code..? plz tell me

  5. Mobile QR Codes are being redefined now a days with the integration of social media. "Flick2Know" ( ) is such a generator offering Facebook and Twitter Codes. Now you can make "Follow Me" or "Add me as a friend" code using Flick2Know generator. Its really great to see the new applications of QR Codes are coming this way long…

  6. I don't think Its going to work for longer time where no one actually visiting the sites like this from mobiles and as well the Tablets are not even give a place near them to this so bad choice if you gonna install it.

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