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MSNBC one of most reputed digital news channel from Microsoft has lately launched a stunning visual RSS reader called Spectra News Reader, that picks news from MSNBC News channels and put in front of user to get a nice visual experience. The App has ability to make it customizable and adding some human interactivity as well.

The App Spectra let users to add news channels which in turn carry topics and all this in color combinations and designs to let users distinguish the pallets flying orbitally with headlines on it. The app as apparent is to promote the news website and to compete with the other online news websites which are way ahead than MSNBC.com.

msnbc.com+digg.com+nytimes.com uv 310

If we talk about the channels/ topics that MSNBC have are good enough and vast quality content as well, even though sites like Digg.com, NYTimes, Del.icio.us and even reddit are way ahead than MSNBC. Digg too have similar fashioned Visual web tools or apps to lure its users such as Digg Spy, Arc or Big Spy but it would get its part of traffic anyway.

MSNBC in a similar manner does have number of tools, apps and widgets to make its content go viral, one can see all these innovative products of MSNBC at and as NewsWare. One among these is its NewsSkimmer screensaver which in similar fashion to Spectra put the news on front of users from MSNBC news channels and of course to propagate the same.

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