Microblogging in IndiaMicroblogging is a new form of blogging that has ramped up quickly and created various offshoots uses of itself apart from a common use of updating/publishing thoughts in form of text (usually less than 200 characters),evenmore, microblogging is said to be used as tool in communication, productivity, e-commerce, brand exposure and in many cases a serious business tool because of its instant information retrieval nature, thus nearly a real time info exchange.

While on global scale brands like Twitter (need no intro) and Jaiku are main players along with Pownce (from Digg), India is also deliberately paving way in Microblogging, though Twitter remain the key player in India too, a lot of Microblogging platforms were introduced in past 6 months in India. Below are major microblogging platforms in India;

A web app from Indian mobile technology company Webaroo, SMSGupShup is major Indian microblogging platform. It provide users to send/free free text SMS to any mobile device. Unlike to Twitter, it provide its users to create and join groups to send and recieve SMSs to and from users in these groups respectively.

As apparent, sending and receiving SMS via mobile and online site usage seems to have 1:5 ratio thus the site doesn’t appeal much sleek in UI.

vakowVakow is the next major microblogging and SMS based site in India after SMSGupShup, interms of usage and site traffic. Vakow too provide SMS message from web to mobile devices plus other features such as tagging, to tag the messages and group them based on these send Pics from web to mobile devices although a light weight, low resolution black & white pics only (see here).

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Vakow also have a Facebook App (Link) and an other vakow app for Orkut, where in later one can forward SMS messages to friend’s scrapbook.

Moroever, Vakow guys have worked to develop way, through Tiwtter API, so that one can send updates from their mobile devices to twitter via Vakow, reason being Vakow cost less twitter, when it comes to sending message from any mobile devices in India to twitter servers.

Yewoh is on other hand a microblog service for Karnataka state of India and thus limited to mobiles in Karnataka only though users can send the messages through Yewoh system to anywhere in the world. The app is currently in alpha release and going through fixes and usability improvement, perhaps to come up with version for all over India rather than Karnataka only.

Snockles is one another such service we have blogged about previously, its a mobile message board, insnockles logo short functionality are similar to that of Twitter along with features it carry. The app however is different in product marketing in way that it provide Enterprise Snockles which is a product in the social software for business category and as per the website amongst the world’s first on-demand and mobile enterprise solution for business social networking and collaboration.

Kwippy is one of my favorite nanoblogging service including twitter, reason being – you can post message from Gmail or GTalk directly to kwippy or integrate Gtalk and Yahoo messenger status, share links. Kwippy is thus a micro/nanoblogging webapp + IM status logger + social network.

kwippyIn kwippy, the whole focus is on the Instant Messenger, right now Gmail adress book(Gtalk) and Yahoo only. The friends list on the instant messenger is the most intimate friends list you can find, of all social networks – as per Kwippy blog. The microblog app presently is in private beta, but one would get invite soon in a day or two. Rest is much similar to Twitter such as lingo like ‘followers’,’following’ and twits being Kwips here.

RELATED READING -  Koo App Wins PM Modi’s AatmaNirbhar App Challenge is yet another microblogging service in India but with different concept, where one can greater controls over their messages over mobiles and can register for service through mobile sets only without going to website itself.

At Mytoday Mobs, one can create groups or closed user groups via cellphones called – Mobs, than can send messages over cellphone to other users who ever join your group/ Mobs. The service provides keywords to use in SMS such as Create to create mob, PUB to publish, Start to join Mobs and one can register for service in India by SMSing ACCEPT CityName to 575758.

Funpiper is also a microblog like service though use of cellphone is not a part of service but messages cane be sent to your friends with no message size limit unlike to other microblogging services. At funpiper one can plan events through its service with friends, send message along with pictures sending features and embedding video links.

Other Microblogging Services by Cellphone Operators in India: Reliance MBlog (WAP link), Nokia N-Series M-Blog


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  2. kwippy sounds interesting, though the integration with Gtalk is possible in twitter too …. must add, very good roundup :)

  3. @ manuscrypts – SMS GupShup also provides integration with GTalk, and it is used a lot by users.

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