that we have wrote about its launch in February this year, has now launched its social platform aka Engine to infuse apps in major social networking portal namely Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5. The website Corners launched earlier in February with features to act like social networking website, customize content in users profile called ‘corners’.\'s Social EngineThe website has now built a social platform to provide content in form of applications to social networking portals having open social platforms. In anticipation of this social engine the website has launched a Facebook App called – Cinemas, where user can get movies related content in their Facebook profiles.

Though, we have pointed out in our previous post about, that the website is more about movies, photos of Indian Cinema rather than other traits of social networking sites, this has been maintained in App for Facebook too.

Interestingly, the plans of company that I perceived through email received from Sanjeev, Founder of Melamesa, the makers of, he wrote –

Social networking now has two dimensions to it – The social infrastructure on one side, and the content on the other. The biggest social networks today – Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, hi5, have identified this dichotomy and have opened their platforms for the content providers (applications). We have been targeting to fill the space in the second category

The company have plans to eventually target other open social platform compatible websites to build even more applications and implement the strategy they have inculcated in new overhauled model of of being prolific application provider for open social platforms.

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  1. I suggest you check a service before reviewing it. The information and quotes you have published are many months old. Corners now has more than 400 applications across various channels – cartoons, music, celebrities, movies, sports, luxury and much more.

    Corners marketing.


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