PicLens is a powerful application that turn your browser into full screen 3D experience to view images and videos. Piclens transform your browser into cinematic visual presentation with images and videos put on wall and make you assume like you are seeing them on wall of a dark room.

The application indeed a rich experiencing tool with media player like controls where you can fast forward, rewind, view full screen or scroll thumbnails to view images and videos.

Piclens has recently make the application compatible to view YouTube videos along previous compatibility to view Google image search results into 3D visualization as well as that of Yahoo, AOL, Ask.com and Live image searches, thats too with just one single click. Moreover, PicLens allow to view photos on Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and Smugmug into same 3D visualization along with social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster.

For other sites/ blogs to be compatible with PicLens application, one has to create a media RSS along with its auto-discovery link for same and other addition in HTML to match those tags in media RSS with images and videos under webpage. However, WordPress users can use the plugin to create a mini slide shows, see an example WordPress blog.

PicLens from Cooliris Inc, is available for Firefox(Windows/Mac), IE and Safari for users to turn their traditional browsers into 3D transformed app. The application to some extent quite resembles that of Pogo Browser of AT&T which too have such kind of rich media experience, difference being its a browser itself and display everything from images, videos to bookmarks, history into 3D view. Nevertheless, the Pogo browser is yet to be released till then one can have spaceship’s cockpit like screen on their computers with PicLens.

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