Facebook, world’s most popular social networking site has been under scanner as BBC has reported security flaws that could seriously harm the website users having profiles in it and the weak link through which it could be done is facebook’s own asset which made it popular – “Facebook Apps” and number of third party applications residing in it.

BBC has made a data mining application – ‘Miner‘ and add it to facebook application to poke into facebook security fences and finally, steal the personal data, indentity of fictious profile (made by BBC team itself) on facebook and accomplish the task of exposing facebook flaw. The reason behind all this is – facebook allows application to run on third party servers which made facebook and apps opaque to each other when it comes to that, what these application are doing with these facebook profiles data.

BBC team on other side reported that just launched MySpace Apps are dissimilar to facebook as they won’t able create similar threat to MySpace system as that created for facebook. As Mysapce treats its applications differently by putting all apps on its own server, so it can see what they are upto with user data and manually checking each before they finally go live.

All this BBC’s expose show looks like political sting operation that talk one’s merits and other’s flaws and that too at the verge of other’s launch (MySpace). Facebook Apps are the major feature of it that made it a overnight fame in internet world and created facebook mania and a expose of such security leaks could seriously threat facebook’s own identity.

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  1. I don’t understand that. It’s retarded. Myspace pretty much just stole facebook’s apps. How are they not the same?

  2. Did myspace paid bbc to say this?

  3. Myspace was around first if I remember rightly?

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