Bizak.comAnalytics does matters a lot in business and investing perspective as well. A new approach in this way has brought by Bizak, its a business network tool which computes the profitability and valuation of internet startups by creating industry benchmarks for comparative analysis. The business tool has launched by TOKiBiz services Inc, who also provide an internet startup creation services.

Bizak is a business tool where website owners, bloggers can calculate metrics, stats of how much they are getting from their visitors. Through Bizak, startups (website/blogs) could compute the benchmarks like RPV (revenue per visitors), cost per visitors, EPV (earning per visitors) and gross income/ profit they have accrued from their websites, blogs or other startups. With any revenue model one can calculate/ compare net income (profit/loss) from all internet operations like Google adsense, Yahoo search marketing, inhouse advertising etc.

Through bizak, start-ups can compare their metrics with other industry benchmarks like industry high or industry low numbers and can even analyze traffic with other startups of your business type and if your startup is stand out among rest it could even bring some interest of Investors, VCs.

For Investors, advertisers or business professionals, they can then sort out these start-ups, business types as per their investment choice to find out, which to invest in as per their traffic, EPV, RPV alon with their summary of business type, contact info.

The Bizak emerged as a business 2.0 tool to provide an open platform for flourishing start-ups, websites on one side and investors, advertisers and other business professional of same interest on other, to act as business market for them, where start-ups can market themselves as product to invest in and investors to line up the products as per their investment needs and their earning potential. At the same time providing the statistics, metrics and data analytics somewhat like MIS or DSS where one can come to conclusion as per historical data or business figures.

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Below is a tool where you can do a sample calculation for your startups/ website or a blog:


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