Twitter for India?India is getting ready for one of its own Twitter version, as a Japanese version of twitter – has just launched, reason being Japan is place from where most tweets come from, as goes by a Report by UMBC ebiquity.

According to report Japan’s risen cellphones and SMS technology has made it to quickly adopt Twitter phenomena and the same reports has predicted that India along with China, two countries which already have huge amount of SMS/ mobile users might be able to do better with Twitter.

Report has released a geographical chart of Global distribution of Twitter users where US, Europe and Japan has most twitter users, though the geo location resolved in chart are of just 11,000 users from 19k users and thats too of only who specify their location. India is one among those area where there is lesser twits, but on the contrary India is Second Largest Mobile market in the World just after US and has added record 10.16 million users in month of March only as by Reuters’ report.

Moreover, there were 261.1 million estimated wireless users in India at end-March comparing to US 257.9 million wireless users. All these stats convincingly spoke of how fast can India provide a boost in Twitter hype and to bring this hype down to India I dont think there is any more point or stat, where India lag behind Japan or US.

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