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MySpace, nearly a week later of its Indian MySpace Launch, the site had moved out its MySpace Apps for its users to install and play around. The Applications are built on MySpace developer Platform where nearly 5,000 developers are working upon, these are also a part of Google OpenSocial Platform which also has been implemented by Google’s very own Orkut.

The MySpace Developer Network is stressing more on Learning and Testing phase for developer to work upon rather than to just pull attention of users to get cheap traffic or so. For example, at this pint of time, unlike to Facebook, MySpace members cannot write directly or send messages to their friends’ wall, nervertheless their are interactive apps to have fun around.

The MySpace Apps has language option to choose the language of Application to install, though because of its initial phase their are few Apps in varieties of languages to choose from (not atleast in Hindi), though there are few Apps for Indians to try, one is – DesiScreen, where one can search and watch Desi Indian hindi movies and TV videos.

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