AT&T, a Communication, Internet and wireless major company entered into war of ‘Browsers’, AT&T has tied up with Vizible to create a new browser of other kind called Pogo Browser, the browser will be giving users the new internt browsing experience rather than the traditional browsers that over a decade managed to evolve just by inculcating handfull of features like plugins, extensions etc.

The new Browser Pogo will be 3D environment & visualizaton browser along with rich graphics, content handling to engage user nicely with what he is browsing, the browser will be having tabbed browsing but far different from traditional tabbed browsing unlike to Firefox or IE7 as tabs will be small screenshots of pages to chose from, tag them and drag/ drop them around, to put in archives or bookmarks.

At present the browser is in closed beta invites which will be released under open public beta soon within a month or two.

The 3D rendering engine of browser with its more user engageable features to experience from Vizible’s visual-based technology. the Pogo would prove, the next geaneration of browsers to compete hard with itself unless it is assumed that this browser doesn’t demand to much computer memory (as goes with all rich media apps), and presumed that it can be run on most common system requirements of these days.

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