Hooeey is targeted at internet users who want to keep a track of their history without duplicating effort. It also provides a safe & universal platform for the entire browsing experience and saves time by keeping a tab on the browsing history from any computer. Hooeey delinks the browser history from the browser. Additionally, hooeey adds a social networking layer, allowing one to share specific sites with others, both on the hooeey network, and other social bookmarking services.

hooeey.comWhat one can do with Hoeey is – Record the web as one browse, through hooeey Toolbar or Button that send the information to your hooeey Account, thus making it computer and browser independent, Retreive those of your web browsing info, find websites visited in past via searching by Keywords, Timeline or Tags.

To keep a track of all the data, hooeey has a built-in analytics service which will break down browsing habits with various helpful charts and graphs. Thereafter one can hand pick any sites for tagging and sharing. The WebTour feature turns the selected links into slide shows for viewing.and then one can analyze their browsing habits by seeing browsing patterns by time or top visited sites moreover sharing those browsing history with others as well.

The idea behind hooeey is that Internet users can re-use their browsing history in a productive manner–to reduce time spent in searching for previously visited web pages, to easily share interesting web pages with others and to use the provided dashboard to manage their browsing time more efficiently. hooeey is focused on saving time & effort of the users by leveraging IT tools & a different approach that combines seamless web hop recording with complete transparency and user control.” said Rajeev Purnaiya, Founder & CEO of hooeey.

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