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Nunook.comNunook is to create a “social gaming” experience for users, a mix of online gaming and socialization. The Nunook website allows you to play a number of games of different types; form teams with your friends and participate in team-based contests; create and customize your avatar; buy virtual collectibles for yourself or gifts for your friends; and climb up a sitewide achievement ladder.

The website has few features to involve users other than in gaming such as representing themself through Avataars and thats too more in an Indian way like wearing Saari or any other Indian outfits. Other features include Nunook mail to send and receive mails or invitations to friends or acquaintances in Nunook community. The site as apparent described itself as elements of competition, collection and “leveling up” from more hardcore games such massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) to create an addictive experience centered around India-focused casual games.

The site do have some light games that requires less bandwidth though lacks good user experience with an average UI with flash games but needs that extra punch to compete with other websites of its category in Indian online market like that of Zapak.com

At some point in the future the company Nunook Interactive is planning mobile and “offline” desktop versions of its product that integrate seamlessly with a common backend. The idea is that users can play games on whichever device is convenient to them, even without Internet connectivity (which is often erratic in India), and the application will transparently upload their game scores to the website the next time they have Internet access, or through SMS on mobile phones.

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