SnocklesSnockles, a mobile social messaging service based in India has launched it public Beta version this week in India and UK, Snockles lets its users to send messages to all contacts at once through internet as well as from mobile phones. Snockles is much like Twitter, and in its own words is a message that you post on your own Snockline (a.k.a. message board) which is broadcast to all the people who are tracking you. Similarly, you receive Snockles from people whom you are tracking. Snockles can also be sent and received via SMS after you register your mobile phone to it.

Snockle service is free of cost, all the message that received via Snockles are free of cost though charges will apply but from respective users’ mobile network service providers, when you send messages. In an analogy to Twitter it has ‘Track‘ phenomena what is known as ‘Follow‘ in Twitter which gets his/ her updates through the Web and SMS once you track that person as per settings.

Snockles is currently being funded by Web Spiders, an Indian based firm providing RIA development services, the firm has seperate service of snockles for business and corporate sector known as Enterprise Snockles, which provide on-demand social software to achieve level of collaboration and networking in business and corporate sector level.

Snockle will be available soon to Australia, Singapore, South Africa and few European countries through UK gateway.

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