Doof Web 2.0 Social GamingA new web app has arrived but cocktail of two most hyped subject of Web 2.0 – Gaming + Social Networking, a new breed but indeed a good product to experience for end users who made both Gaming and Social Media on top of all web apps.

Doof is all about playing games, interacting with community members and competing/ challenging them with features like Doof Messenger, private/ public chat and challenge any one for a game. One can see each others profiles with its community driven features, send tickles, comments, animated gifts and invite for being friends.

For a gaming freak its a new way to game on and interact at the same time with others gamers and even more participate in community network with bunch of features to get carried away and for the game addiction there are trophies, medals to earn and competition, leagues to play in to satisfy the fetish for gaming.

Other trait to look for is customization in Gaming space to play in, one can customize the color, size, and position of panels to adjust by drag and drop feature so one can customize spaced whatever he feel like. Doof also inculcate news feeds for members to put in, for him or others to read with other upcoming feature like Avatar to look for.

The functionality it inculcate in itself is what we could say Gaming 2.0 with next chapter which just has started in gaming industry with web 2.0 features and RIA ( Rich Internet Applications) to integrate in gaming and showing a new era of online gaming.

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