fShare WidgetFlux.com released a sharing widget cum button called fShare widget of different kind through which publishers, bloggers can put them on their websites, blogs to get shared on social network communities like facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Livejournal, Blogger and Flux communities obviously.

Its perhaps same like ShareThis, AddThis buttons found on many blogs at the end of the posts to share on various bookmarking sites and email to friend option, but this time its for major social networks another different feature I am really looking forward in fShare button to be implemented on my blog as well is, one can embed the content (blog post, image, video) through embed option.

Adding the fShare widget to site’s videos, photos, and blog posts will let visitors to distribute the content across the social web communities while preserving branding and attribution at the same time.

Share Options of fShare widget, with embed option - Click to enlargeThe fShare widget is one of the further working of Social Project Inc (Previously TagWorld.com), to bind the social networks together. The Flux site apparently promises to bring more on this fShare widget and to come up with wider platform of sharing between various social communities on web in December of this year.

Bloggers, publishers can sign up at flux.com to get the embed-code for their blogs, websites along with different kinds of buttons to choose from.

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