Ubona: Say Place Name and Find AddressUbona is one of a kind and first service in India and presently for the people of Bangalore only, the website provide new kind of service where any user can call from his/her cellphone and it comprehend the speech of consumer and trigger appropriate action. See – Demo

Using the service, People in Bangalore will be able to call any wine and dine place (restaurants, hotels , sweet shops, bakeries) only by saying the name of the place. The phone number to access the service is (91) (80) 4070 0000. The service is accessible from any land-line or mobile phone at no extra cost.

The Ubona service for consumers, businesses and enterprise is new service that delivers consumers information and business to reach consumer in somewhat JIT (Just in Time) methodology of ERP.

Through this new online mobile 2.0 service users can make purchase, get information, make reservation or enquire about a service or product through mobile whereas a business, enterprise can reach thier targeted audience in clutter free environment unlike to paid campaigns in search engines where you compete several other advertisers visible next to your ads.

This service by Ubona has definitely created new dimensions in Mobile 2.0 market in India as well as among web2.0 companies in India, its state of the art speech recognition platform which is completely in-house developed and as per company uses a paradigm different from the prevailing methodologies.

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  1. …hey i read about this service here and thought it to be another one of the directory services….but this one is really cool ….just call and connect ….it is so hassle free ….i was actually surprised by the fluidity of the whole thing ..i tried almost 4-5 restaurants and got through all..even the smses were quick ..no need of hunting for numbers and saving them ….guys thats a super job….when are u launching it for other services….

  2. i want address through mobile number

  3. Nice product, we are looking it at pune

    Thanks and regards
    Pradeep Tiwari

  4. hey….i want this service in mumbai too…..

  5. I have to search the address of airtel mobile no. How can i get this address

  6. Iwant to Know the Address of mobile number 99635…….
    plz help me . i will furnish further details based on ur response

  7. Its an excellent service through Mobile. Simply a cool and a very useful product which can gain rating from the users. Just Call-N-Connect. This will definitely create new dimensions in web2.0 specifically in mobile2.0. This can definitely bring a revolution in the mobile technology..

  8. i want know the address of this. please let me know.

    thank you

  9. hello respected authorities i wanted a detail about …….an mtnl trump mobile number…the number is ……9869352259 i knw one thing this number is from mumbai malad west…….my email addres is ketanganu@rediffmail.com its really important fr me too knw the details ………i would be highly obliged if the respected athorites would help me out…..

  10. find address : jaggnath rane, ghoddev naka, mhatre, bhaynder east, thane

  11. I want to knw the name and address of the loop mobile number 9773822119 my email addres is dinesh9820@yahoo.in plz plz help me out

  12. sent this to blurpalicious (never heard of it? you should know that Get Blurped! Not too different from other social bookmarks, but I love the tagline.

  13. i want to know the name and address of mobile number +919981100174. my mail address is chintalbrass@gmail.com


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