Advertisement - Business 2.0 Tools to Launch SoonA new Web 2.0 startup to launch soon via Indian arena that will target small and mid-size business owners and freelancers. The site will inculcate in itself few business tools and applications that will help them drive their business in web 2.0 environment.

Faayda that define as pure “Profit” in Hindi will be having web tools like to automate business activity such as Invoicing, Lead Management and Client Collaboration/ Information. These tools will be developed keeping in mind the latest business need that eventually in the process ease the business activity and flow of information.

The first business application – “Invoice Tool” is said to be developed and launch first in early of January 2008 followed by business directory to showcase SMB enterprises to search and interact with each other that could also be part of lead management.

The website will do have features to share, access and store all information in mobile as well which is mandatory trait of any Business and office 2.0 applications.

The startup seems to inspired by Google Apps, Zoho Apps meme thus plans to move on to its next phase that is to develop tools to create various documents like word, spreadsheets, presentations etc. online and have the ability to share with other users who can then add their input to the document.

The startup is planning to add up some more web 2.0 modules gradually that serve to help business drive in business2.0 environment.

The tools are expected to release in Beta in January of next year and presently one can submit email-ids to get notified of same.

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  1. Wow…Interesting idea at the first place itself.
    This space is getting hotter day by day with companies like Oracle, MS and SAP bringing out products for the SME segment. It will be interesting to see wat Faayda turns out to be in future.
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