Skype-PhoneEbay owned company Skype has Lauched its most anticipated product Skype Phone – an Internet voice mobile phone to make free calls. The phone is being manufactured by Chinese company Amoi and partnered with Hutchison’s 3 unit.

One can use it like an ordinary mobile Phone and can also make free calls although to Skype-to-Skype calls only and send instant messages as well. Skype-phone user has to top-up (recharge what we call in India) after every 30 days.

Hutchisson’s ‘3’ unit operates mobile phone networks in Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K., although Hutch, the market of whom is now acquired by Vodafone in India, the launch of Skype-Phone in India cant be figure out as when would Skype see India as one of the market of their latest released product.

The recent scrutiny faced by Skype in India over free Internet PC-o-PC call service might have something to do with India not being considered as one of their Skype-phone market along with norms and policies for same in India, which still in infancy stage for such products and services.

The launch of Skype-Phone is seen as a launch closer to Google’s much more anticipated GPhone, which every now and then is being rumored to launch in a week or two but still Gphone is expected to launch worldwide by the end of November.

Skype which is being acquired by Ebay has launched this product to increase their revenue, which is said to be over-priced when got acquired.


  1. i want make free call in india

  2. great , how con m compere it !truoght this i can hear the voice of my dear one !!

  3. It give a way to communicat to all my friends

  4. i want make free calls in india and other countries also

  5. This Idea Very Nice

  6. ithink it good to use .But how can we make calls free from it

  7. You can make cheapest of the cheapest call from This is the cheapest of the cheapest to call anywhere in the world. Try it n have fun.

  8. i want to know about recharge details of skype phone

  9. where to i buy skye phone in india (delhi)

  10. Most the of comments here are pathetic. The comments nearly look like spam. What the heck do you mean when you say – “I want to make free call to india”?? Fine, keep wanting for all you like.

    Why can’t you guys say something intelligent like…

    that’s interesting. too bad Indian regulations make skype phone unlikely india. How else can I make internet based calls in India?


    stop being **(*&&@#$ bots. stop being selfish and contribute sensible comments to the internet.

    I’m tired of seeing stupid comments all over the Indian sites. (rediff etc).

  11. i liked this skype application and i can call my friends

  12. y india is not including in the list we have great economy?

  13. hi…this is rakesh i want no how to buy this mobile and how to recharge it in India or which network is operating skype..its very good news skype launch in India…can i get some infoermation about that….

  14. @Rakesh, @Gaurav, @Skype India phone Enthusiast

    You can use Skype WiFi phone in India, See review here and Philips VOIP Phones .

    However the Skype phones which at moment is for few selected countries only and not for India, could now be expected for India as well ,after India made IP Telephony free nationwide. Lets see when Skype does it for India.

  15. Hi All
    please can you tell me from where I can buy this product from India

  16. Hi Shyas,
    If you look at the Title of this Article you will find your answer i.e – Skype Launched Phone, Make Free Calls, “EXCLUDE INDIA,”….though you can buy Wi-Fi unit see

  17. Hi Guys/Girls,

    It is good to know that skype has launch handset with facility similar to p.c facility available in PC environment by Skype.It is a technology that is being centric to mobile handset which is most effective and affordable tool now a days.I mean a mobile is easily affordable by all individual irrespective of age group/economic group/regional group etc.

    We as an Indian always go by tested and practically successful module which is not bad as it give sound for business opportunity and social well being also.

    we will definately get such facility very soon.

  18. It’s here already. I’ve been using Skype on a mobile in India for three years, even up in the Himalaya (Kangra). You need unlimited data, and a mobile Skype application installed on your phone. In the first year I used bluetooth to a PDA and GPRS. Voice was very patchy but messaging worked fine and that’s what most regular users use anyway.

    The problem is that GPRS is not fast or reliable enough to support voice without a lot of processing. Now that 3G has arrived there’s no problem. You need an unlimited service though: it’s a data hungry application.

  19. Dear concern

    I want to purchse skye phone in India to make voice chat on skype-to-skype only, i wan to give that phone to my parents, i use laptop to logon to skyepe where ever iam be.

    Can i do so.

  20. Even if i would love to buy one, i dont see the improvement of Wi-fi spots in india in years to come.No wonder they excluded India.

  21. Any other service provider who allows to make free international calls.

  22. fuking persons,i think we r in search of free call from internet to cell phone in india.i dont know what are you guys looking for?????

  23. So the question is, If you download the skype application to your phone and make a Skype to Skype call at what are u charged here in india? Secondly is it free if my mobile is connected to a Wifi network i.e I can talk for free via wifi via skype loaded on my phone?
    Also msgs on a GPRS connection are charged at the data transfer rate so if my connection is unlimited that means free IM's on skype?

  24. There are a lot of softphones that one can use to call India from USA. Skype still has not yet started Unlimited calling plan to India when it is offering similar services to China and other countries. You can get a complete list at

  25. Long time reader, first time commenter. I just want to say I appreciate all you do with this site. This is one of the first sites I visit each day.

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