Stumbled upon a YouTube video, the subject is quite old but the medium is new, video is trying to tell that Education system desperately require a change, likewise everything is changing than why not education, school/ college learning structure and pattern.?

The video is edited by Michael Wesch and 200 students of Kansas State University, also the content has got the creative commons licence.

Wesch is active in the development of new teaching techniques and is involved in the Peer Review of Teaching Project. As a part of his efforts, Wesch has developed a “World Simulation” for large introductory classes in cultural anthropology.

This is among one of the initiative as far as my knowledge goes for Learning 2.0. Although no technique is mentioned nor visualized in video, but I thought to relate this need of changing Educational structure especially third world countries, with web 2.0 wave and internet.

One of the commentator for the video said – “we (students) are the problem because we exploit other countries for our own selfish gains…we kill them or we force them into sweatshops so we can buy DVD players for $30…”. Contrary to this other says – “The rest of the world is being forced to change, so teachers need to follow suit.”

Have a look yourselves –

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