BouncedIdeas.comAn Idea has been core part of any websites/ portals that eventually become talk of a web arena in a short span of time and making this ‘Idea’ as a major raw material, a new website or better say internet platform has launched by Maverick Media India, and theme is – To make Ideas in form of short Films. Moreover, If need arise and the Idea is selected it could also be developed further and still, the sender of idea will get the credit, the company will use Internet and mobile phone services as medium to showcase those ideas, as short films.

Maverick Media India along with WSG Pictures has came up with this concept, to get the ideas and produce content in form of short films or videos and propagate through Internet and mobile world. As per the site, the selected ideas will become property of along with its respective short films and the sender will get the credit/ recognition and an undisclosed price money.

One of a Idea which has been turned into Video is based on Topic ‘Pay your Taxes‘ submitted by Minu Kaul. See – Video Link. Every Week the site has a new topic for which they look for ideas to put them for processing it to short films.

Maverick Media India is India operations for Maverick Media UK, which is World first viral marketing company and already have leading presence in internet and mobile content space for which the client list of company includes Window Live Messenger and Midway Games.

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