At time when Indian television is flooded with talent shows at prime time, its time for internet to begin with one and here it is –, an online talent-support platform and a portal by NowPos Online Services, where Hindi speaking people can post their respective talents in recognized genres.

There will be four kinds of contest – Songs, Jokes, Mimicry and Dance for which you can post your items/ entries and no restriction on number of entries.

India Ka Hero - Indian Online Talent Spot

For those dealing with songs, jokes or mimicry competition will be in audio-only and in Hindi off course. While songs can be up to five minutes recording time, the joke and mimicry are not expected to be more than two minutes each. For Dance postings, item could be individual or group based and of maximum 5 minutes. is an attractive platform with the red carpet that reaches out. It fights barriers of time, inhibition, confidence, prejudice, arch lights and reaches out to pure talent. Designed particularly for a large populace that believes in itself but does not reach out.

The singer, the dancer, the mimic and the humorist, all have a platform in the vicinity of their web space to post an entry, entertain the World, got recognition (in the global village) and of course, take home a prize as a winner for a bonus.

Thanks –Vikrant 

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