- Create Personal Wedding SitesVirtual Life Style Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in the State of Gujarat in Sep 2007. The company launched a wedding website in private beta in September. allows wedding couples in India and globally to create a free personal wedding website and termed it as "WedSite". The WedSite provides features such as rich text edits, blogs, guestbooks, discussions, rsvp, task lists and guest lists.The wedsite is essentially a hub for wedding couples to better save and share their wedding plans and memories.

The site is indeed a answer to website who self claim themselves as web 2.0 Indian matrimony website. Whereas, FirstPhera as a web 2.0 driven matrimony website (or wedsite) essentially has following characteristics;

  • Blogs
  • Embed external 'Videos'
  • Embed external 'Widgets'
  • Discussion
  • Control over making wedsite public or private and sharing
  • Event management
  • Rich text editing while creating/publishing content

i.e. user participation and control over creating and publishing their own content.

Moreover it has pretty good amount of elements to store and preserve wedding memories in form of almost every internet media from photo albums, videos, events, guest list and comments from friends, guest or acquaintances as well. The site has designs options (although few) to choose from and publish personal WedSite with your personal URL. 

The Ahmedabad based company behind firstphera – Virtual Life Style Pvt. Ltd. aims to launch several internet lifestyle products in the future.

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