Samfra - Indian Local Search is a new local search that gives results of local places you are looking for such as shops, restaurant, retail outlets, banks, ATMs etc., though it does not provide any knowledge based information, articles, content results like those of other known search engines but still a good initiative towards localized results for people who want info for their local area, specific to their respective cities. has started this service from Bangalore and presently serving search results for Bangalore only. The results are served along with small and to the point description, address and option to view map (see example). The other feature it provide is adding comments to each results cum shop/ place and ratings as well.

This local Search engine has very neat and clean interface right from very first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to the page when details are viewed where there is no unnecessary information, does not look deceptive or confusing even for first time users/ visitors (this what I felt when I landed up to those pages including map view).

Samfra has partnered with, a professional networking website and which is a Bangalore based portal, ‘Samfra search-bar’ can be seen on both of these sites.

The future of Samfra looks promising to me if it elaborate its service to other major cities as well and with condition that user interface will remain same or better than its contemporary design and format having results with lesser ads (especially image Ads) unlike to other Indian portals flooded with Indian Property portals/ websites advertisements to fetch some revenue.

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  1. This is really cool site, i found most of the things near my area, and looks are not disturbing as u wrote, seems like a proper search engine

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