Flux - by Social Project Inc.Social Projects Inc. a new company has launched its first and main product Flux, one level above any traditional social networking site, though its still under development and the company has not officially launched it yet. Social Project aims to decentralize the phenomena of social and community networking among users where users can participate and engage with sites to larger extent and in their control than otherwise.

Flux is basically a open platform, disaggregated model of social networking to reach wider audience and decentralize the community, embedding other websites and bloggers closely to create content and let the content flow seamlessly along with more control over content creation and monetizing it as well.

Other Websites and Networks engaged in Flux.com ModelSocial Projects is rename of company previously working on TagWorld.com, which was previously funded by Draper Fisher Juvertson, now focusing on this kind of social networking where it gives example of Walled city garden and importance of open platform so as to reach wider spectrum of web arena and social networking capabilities.

Flux aims to let user experience distinct social networking properties where user from one network can join network of other brands or websites. Although there is no such hints that company will be improvising it model with user participation features where they can involve themselves in development as well like APIs or open platform tools where user can add their own creations, element with more accessibility and control.

The contemporary brands/ wesbites involved in Flux are – mtv.com, vh1.com, theplugg.com, subterraneanblog.com, vinylpulse.com and popbytes.com.

Flux Platform is searching for websites and blogs featuring and producing cool content to build social media tools that create stronger engagement for publishers website owners and audience as well. Website, bloggers, web apps. developers and content generators can sign-up for Publisher Signup.

As per website –

  • Helps in turning more page views, increase retention, and lengthen time spent on your site.
  • You own your community data and use it to make your site more powerful.
  • You never pay us for development, setup, upgrades, maintenance, etc.
  • We only participate in your site’s revenue when you turn more pages powered by Flux.
  • You can always move off of Flux and take your community data with you. If it’s not working for you,it’s not working for us.

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  1. respected sir/madam,
    plz let me know how to get involved in this project and i am interested in this project . is this open to all or only for certain people . i would like to take up a challenge and perform it to my fuller effort . please let me know about the conditions


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