Intel Software NetworkIntel Corporation, a major chip manufacturing company has also understood the core advantages of Web 2.0 arena by exploring and using social networking and business blogging so as to improvise and boost its contemporary technologies, products and their ongoing development.

Actually Intel wants to further improvise, bring about more new features, new developments in one of its technology called Intel vPro Technology (TM), a product/ package of hardware and software to provide business oriented PCs. Thus what else could be better way to provide a community network so as to get suggestions from end-users, partners and others to share, exchange and transfer knowledge. These suggestion will be utilized by Intel developers to bring new features.

Open Port, thats what Intel’s online community is called as, this is to share ideas and discuss topics and its blogs –, are blogs by Intel people along with audio blogs, Intel podcast as well. One can see popular tags, stumbleupon, bookmark tags and all those blogging lingos.

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