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Pune Startups Launched, an Event Management Tool

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activeciti-logo.pngAn online event management tool cum website has been launched as by a Pune based startup company ThinkingSpace Technologies

Being company’s first product, the website is quite like an online tool to create and than manipulate/ manage all that comes ahead after announcing/ creating your event.

ActiveCiti allows its users the features through which they can create an event and handle nearly all the task and issues related to an event management. From sending email invitations, tracking their responses, automatic event updates for them. An event creator can even add images and banner for an event under page customization option of an event, creating polls and message board are other good features it has included.


Tracking invitees is one of the good options its providing, showing status as – ‘accepted’, ‘not accecpted’ or ‘yet to reply’. Moreover the Guest don’t need to be registered on website to accept the invitation. -Calender View

Other features include allows people to create public events in which other users can invite themselves and inform the organizer of their coming and to poll your guests and discuss stuff using forums.

ActiveCity, as described by company a no-nonsense event management application justify the reason why the site has not got much of rich internet objects (photos, videos, images, ajax interface) perhaps beta version of AciveCiti is again a justification of same with company looking forward to get public reviews and feedback of application and work more on it get out of beta. See company’s blog to see the beta justification.

ActiveCity Event page

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