Eyemany.comSiTech Solutions has launched Eyemany.com to target US and India customers for its new job board service, a job portal of pretty different model at least in India, with web 2.0 element among its features with video resumes as key feature of website.

SiTech Solutions, an India based company is paving a way to serve as web20 driven job board service where Job seekers by registering themselves can build their professional profiles, can create professional networks by referring to friends, create blogs, ask or answers questions and can even upload their video resumes.

Although video resumes are not new in India, as back in June 2007 Monster India has also launched video resume feature for Indian Job seekers, what is interesting is emphasis on web 2.0 as core part of website model such as letting users create blogs and use of community/ social networks as part of service and at the same time uploading professional resumes, seeking job.

As registered users can create blog, build professional networks thus its providing employers a platform to search for profiles beyond text resumes and analyze profiles Psycho metrically, personality traits via their blogs, networks they build and profoundness in skills, expertise via ‘ask and answer‘ feature of site, enabling employers, companies and organizations to have holistic view of resumes and professional profiles.

The website also has points system where registered users will earn points as per his/ her activity on site and get featured on home page of website or so, to get noticed by employers.

Company is planning to ad some more interactive features (as per email sent to IndianWeb2.com) to the website in coming month.

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  1. Thanks IndianWeb2 team for your review.

    Video Resume is certainly not a new functionality but at EyeMany, we have tried to make the process of creating a video resume very simple. The users just need to plugin their webcam and a microphone to create video resume. Along with easy to follow instructions and categorization of video resume into various sections, we feel that our users will find it just much simpler and not at all technical.

    Vikrant Sharma

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