A new entrant in social cum professional network which seems to be more focussed on India internet users and people tired of Myspace, Facebook sites which lacks Indian faces in member list and photos.

Creator of Hotmail and then Arzoo.com (which is now a travel portal) Sabeer Bhatia has now teamed up with Yogesh Bansal (Founder/ CEO) to launch a new social cum professional network – ApnaCirlce.com website soon just after the launch of Reliance big social cummunity portal Bigadda.com.


ApnaCircle.com has everything that orkut.com has – searching members profiles and photos and obviously acquientences likewise to orkut, scraping to other members and get scrapped, birthday reminders, creating and joining communities (here a community is referred as ‘ZONES’), uploading your photos, making albums etc., the additional ones include browsing and creating events, making two separate profiles of yours – Personal and Professional and same goes with maintaining two different list of friends, known members one is personal and other one is professional.

The website do lack some design issues with ordinary color schemes but what i found is pages load faster than bigadda.com as i have tried open the site from different computers/ locations bigadda.com pages as till today load as fast as snail. Talking about other network sites of ApanCircle.com you can see banner ads of Sabeer Bhatia’s good old and doomed site at time of dot-com burst – Arzoo.com, long flashing banners can be seen at Apancircle.com.

ApnaCirlce.com - Home Page

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  1. Very nice and attractive site and good effort by their team.

    Join it.



  2. i think you should switch to myspate.com

  3. Its a cool social networking site

  4. apna circle is group or network site

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