Brijj.comInfo Edge (India) Ltd., the company behind sites like, has launched its people networking site (pronounced as Bridge dot com) and subtitled as – “Brijjing People” (read as – Bridging People), the site is much alike to LinkedIn which too has same website theme that is networking activities by people who join it i.e – Social Networking + Business/ Professional Networking.

At people can build profile along with details like companies they worked for, educational institutes they have studied at, their best skills, professional expertise, business expertise/ plans, or any other professional or personal details and then making this profile online which enables you to be matched by profiles of other people you might know in past or people who are related to you or interest of you professionally, of same business interest, your past colleagues etc.

The match of profiles are done based on philosophy of “six degree of separation” according to which anyone in this world is connected to anyone on planet earth in not more than five persons in between. Based on this theory will show you people’s ( users of course) contacts who are 3 degrees away from you. At present you can upload your contacts from Outlook (MS outlook & outlook express), Gmail, Yahoo and then search for contacts by people name, company or college name.

To get more out of it the site has three options to choose from, other than Free (Beginner) Membership, it has Basic, Super and Power Membership of 500, 1000 and 2000 (all in INR) respectively to make direct contacts, invite and make more friends.

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With &, two ace website in Indian Web market, the expectations from the website is more along with usage of web 2.0 traits within to compete or atleast at par with LinkedIn is.

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  1. Hi,

    I thought India’s Linkedin is

  2. is a local search site focussing on best shopping deals in delhi and bangalore…

    Check it out, I liked it

    I also won their prize of Rs 200/ mobile recharge recently…

    These people (brijj, saleraja) are really pumping indian entrepreneurs to come out in the open

  3. I had heard of Brijj last year but never really visited it.

    I checked it out briefly after reading this article and it seems to be shaping up nicely (although still showing the Beat lable).


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