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India’s Contribution in Web 2.0: Indian Bloggers Top Charts


india-web2.pngA Recent surveys and market intelligence reports shows that India is a major contributor in Web 2.0 growth worldwide along with its good old neighbour China.

A report by IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm estimated that a third of all Internet users in 2007 are Web 2.0 users in India, 83% for the same in Korea, and 70% in People’s Republic of China.

With the new facet of dotcom companies quickly revamping into Web 2.0 style along with premiere companies already estabilished like Zoho Sheets of chennai, these local economies like that of India will attract new VCs, venture capital, angel investors likewise to other frequent web startups in any other part of globe.


A new Synovate Asiabus study reveal that most active bloggers are from India with figure of 83% of total India internet users. These bloggers are either write their own blog or contribute to other’s blogs. With bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Om Malik and person who coined term SMO (Social Media Optimization) Rohit Bhargava , it indeed a true statement for global blogosphere that Indian Bloggers are has perpetually contributed, participated in incubating Web 2.0 right from the very start.


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  1. You have a press release telling how good your service/ product is and then you don’t have anything to show, instead you are showing a “coming soon…” sign – and that too when you have just had a product launch press release.Don’t you think this is ridiculous?Is it the kind of marketing being done in indian start-ups??
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  2. The potential is huge, but the adoption is low. Most Indian website majors and users appear to be reluctant to embrace the second generation of the Internet, populary know as Web 2.0.
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