OLPCOLPC a Projects initiated by Nicholas Negroponte to put Laptop computers in hands of children around the world especially in lesser developed countries and remote regions of countries where there is no reach of respective countries’ education policies and programs.

The OLPC’s mission is to spread the computer technology among millions of children growing up across the globe, so as to improve their education and learning ability, where they are not concerned about rivalry of Google and Yahoo or Myspace hype.

OLPC has also created laptop called XO, especially designed (in terms of interface, GUI, software/ hardware) for children of emerging nations who doesn’t know anything about Iphone or sophisticated gadgets, their interfaces, than children of high upbringing who hangs around with Ipod or so. This laptop has visionary price of $100 which rather cost more than this to organization at time of production.

With so called booming, scaling economy country, India decided not to show any due concernXO Laptop for this projects by rejecting XO Loptops and neglecting it to show presence in India, which happened last year when at the same tiime Nigeria ordered million of laptops for its children. Later in year 2006 Libya announces 1.2 million laptops for every school age child in nation, In 2006 Brazilian President Lula da Silva meets with founder of OLPC, Negroponte and ordred to his cabinet officers to embrace OLPC’s XO laptops and set agenda in 29 days, he said “anything longer than 30 days is uninteresting.”. This list of nations encouraging OLPC projects for its poorer children include China, Egypt, Argentina with Thailand being first country to offcially adopt OLPC.

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OLPC has 11 members including AMD, News Corp., Google, ebay and recent one is Intel. The Project’s idea came up in 2005 when Nicholas Negroponte wrote email to his old friend Hector Ruiz CEO of AMD about his vision of a $100 laptop for the poor children of the world. Later in same year Negroponte presents the idea for the $100 laptop at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. See – OLPC Progess Timeline.

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  1. though a supporter of the upbringing of the poor, im really skeptical of this $100 laptop venture. it looks extremely business like to me.

    you have issues with performance, reliability and repairs even with a $1000 laptop… imagine the case of a crank levered martian looking monkeycase ?

    imagine one of the poor ones in india paying Rs. 4500 for this device, which can really get to your nerves at one point… offers minimal functionality, and is prone to trouble.

    i’d say opening a small public “computer terminal” with a 15k machine (cost of 3 martian laptops) and open for public use is sufficient… atleast worth a try.

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