buyblogcomments.comHeard of paid banners, paid text links, paid search results? or you might even heard paid blog posting through websites like now its time to pay for comments, not on your own but on others weblogs. is a new unusual service for bloggers to put comments on other blogs related to their’s in terms of theme or category. BuyBlogComments provide service to Bloggers to pay for leaving “quality blog comments” on other niche weblogs. Bloggers desiring to leave comments on other blogs for them can pay as three package options – 100 blog comments, 500 blog comments and 100 blog comments.

Jon Waraas, founder of promise to get the things done i.e. leaving quality comments on nice blogs in 3 days of ordering. service has english speaking blog specialist whom they pay for writing comments on quality niche blogs, as per website. It has database of Blogs which do not support nofollow tag, these specialist pick niche blogs and write legitimate comments on them in such a way that it wont get deleted and approved by blogs’ bloggers.

As per the website, quality comments helps in building links which in turn place a blog ranking higher in search results, ironically earlier this year search engines unitedly announced that blog comments would no longer be crawled or considered for search engine placement algos and tagged nofollow, allowing not to follow links under nofollow tagged section. Although the page having comment still show in results of google command of – contain the term i.e “”.

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Jon Waraas, the founder claim to have tested this blog commenting on search engine positioning and came up with decent results. Nevertheless he also suggest not rely on blog comments fully for getting higher on search engine results and indeed it would be or else why would all those SEO job are meant for.

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    Admin good, very good.

  2. This is great in terms of search engine optimization. Naught appears to rag on them than this!This is exactly was worried about some years prior at the last big internet about SEO some number of years ago in ’93!


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