A lot of online as well as desktop tools has been developed in Visual Web arena. Manipulate and discovering your own tags in bookmarked or tagged items might look awful thus making this complexity more simple in form of visualized enviornment to find, relate or even play with these visual output.

Sixpli.comSixpli Alfa lets visualize bookmarked tags in a del.icio.us account and let explore them with their relations to each other, it also creates output for more than one account by finding common tags with. With this flash based tool users can play with visualization options such as elastic net 2D, elastic net 3D and circle 2D. Sixpli.com is still in alfa phase and not open to all users though one can ask them for being alfa testers via e-mail at sixpli@sixpli.com. See snapshots below.


twingly.seAnother one under same stream of visualizing web is Primelabs.com’s – Twingly, that visualize the global blog activity in real time, this tool comes as windows screensaver. Twinlgy screensaver visualize the globe as dynamic 3D view of earth and blog posts across the globe as bars standing on continents. Its usability is quite like RSS reader where in this case you are not limited to your choice or you say cant personalize it with just your choice of blogs. As per twingly.se – Twingly is an aggregation of the global blogosphere into a single database that give 24/7 stream of blogs’ activities across the globe. (Download Twinlgy Screensaver)

Twingly Screensaver - Blogosphere ActivityTwingly Screensaver

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