Just after announcement of Google Gears plug-in, which is one of the ongoing effort of google to create applications which work online and offline as well, across browsers using Javascript APIs, Adobe has released its public Beta of Flex 3 for creating RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) for both online and offline usage.

Adobe Flex 3Adobe Flex 3 created applications don’t necessarily have to run on internet. A free open source cross platform framework to create rich internet applications of web 2.0 traits using HTML/ CSS, AJAX, Flash and Flex 3 itself will let developers to engage internet audience more in their products while they are offline.

Adobe along with Microsoft and Google are focussing on new generation of applications that work across operating systems and both inside and outside the browser, bridging the gap between the web and the personal computer. Google’s Gear plug-in while Microsoft’s Silverlight are branches of same tree to stretch the web 2.0 to users desktop.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft’s Silverlight is also a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET based rich interactive applications for the Web. Its Free beta release which will expires on August 2007 will let users create applications with all that microsoft technologies in support and develop mash-ups, interactive applications by incorporating data and services from anywhere on the web. Silverlight has flexibility of programming like AJAX, Visual Basic .NET, C#, Python, and Ruby.

InstallationsAdobe Flex 3 | Google Gears | Microsoft Silverlight

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