Print 2.0 for Web by HPSupporting the new Web 2.0 wave among Internet audience HP unveils some new products and services called as print 2.0 strategies by the company. Print 2.0 strategy as per HP make it easier to print from websites, such as blogs and travel sites and let consumers who are becoming more internet savvy and want more interactivity, participation to let consume their mashed content and media their way.

HP is creating technologies to make it easy to print content from the Internet like Blog (personal or professional) in a useful format.

HP has teamed with Blogging company Sixapart, Ltd., creators of Movable type responsible for empowering many popular blogs including HP along with sixapart will bring to bloggers to feature printing functionality to their blogs through new blog-printing “widget” on these sites, which will help bloggers to add a “print” button on their blogs.

This new widget or plugin will allow readers/ visitors to pick and choose the posts they want to print, and leave those they don’t want. This HP Print widget or plug-in is currently in beta release and is expected to available to users by June 29.

Another Print 2.0 Product will come from HP through its recently acquired company Tabblo. HP will launch a toolkit (Tabblo Print Toolkit) for websites to enable websites owners, web designers to embed print functionality to websites; this is another widget marketing from HP. This widget will also be available by 29 June along with its corresponding web service.

Snapfish by HPHP already runs, an online photo service which allow users to edit images and management tools to fix and enhance their images, add borders and captions and create albums to store and share photos with friends and finally via on-line print ordering, allow to print professionally developed digital camera prints of their photos and images.

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Snapfish by HP

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